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Current Officers

Utah ASTA Past-President           Utah ASTA President           Utah ASTA President Elect
              Eric Hansen                              Janice Vincent                          Shauna Smith
Utah ASTA Board- 2017-2018

Eric Hansen, Past President,

Janice Vincent, President,

Shauna Smith, President Elect,

Donna Fairbanks, Member at Large,

Hasse Borup, Member at Large,

Deanne Helquist, Member at Large,

Randen Heywood, Composition Competition Coordinator,

Sarah Palma Secretary,

Ka-Wai Yu, Member at Large,

Jon Yerby, Member at Large (Guitar),

Annie Nielson, Treasurer,

Molly Mortensen, Membership Coordinator,

Sara Jane Thompson, Member at Large,

Paul Wells, Newsletter and Website Coordinator,


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3 Responses to Contact Utah ASTA

  1. Susan Andersen says:

    I am trying to find out if the recording for the state ASTA solo competition requires piano accompaniment or if the piece can be recorded without piano. The piece does have piano accompaniment, but just wondering if the recording can be with out.

    Thank you,
    Susan Andersen

  2. Miranda says:

    Hello! I’ve been trying to register for the ASTA workshop this Saturday but the online payment system seems to be not working. I’d like to be able to pay the early registration fee instead of the on-site fee. Can you please tell me when the website will be back up or if there’s a way to be excused from the on-site fee and get the early registration on Saturday instead? Thank you!


  3. utahasta says:

    Thank you for your patience with the online payment. It is officially up and working now.

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